Taiwan National CERT
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Taiwan National CERT

A. Origin

With the prevalence of computer network and ease of use, network information security has long been an international issue. The collaboration among organizations to deal with information security incidents are becoming all the more important. No single organization alone has all the capacity or information needed to respond to the rising incidents of security breach. The international community has long reached the consensus that collaborated efforts are required to deal with information security incidents.

As a member of the international society, Taiwan cannot stay detached. Currently Taiwan has teams and organizations that handle network security incidents. But there lacks coordination among these organizations and a single response mechanism that results in waste of resources or the absence of synergistic effect. The formation of Taiwan National Computer Emergency Response Team (TWNCERT) aims to create a government response center that can help optimize the capability of immediate monitor, coordination, response and handling in the face of security incident. This organization will enhance the government^s ability to respond to and deal with security incidents and internationalize our efforts. It allows Taiwan to play a significant role in this highly important information issue.

B. Missions

The missions of TWNCERT include:
1. Coordinating among relevant agencies and organizations to identify pertinent response and actions in case of security incident.
2. Providing an information exchange center for information at home and abroad.
3. Helping relevant government agencies to set up computer emergency response team (CERT).
4. Providing reference information to government agencies for formulation of security policies.

C. Organizational Structure

The organizational structure and tasks of TWNCERT are depicted below. The TWNCERT director heads the organization, takes charge of formulation and development of policy strategy, and supervises over the routine operation of task forces under TWNCERT and organizational development. TWNCERT has four task forces, which are Information Gathering, Coordination Service, Research & Development, and Consulting Service.

D. Services of TWNCERT

1. Alert and publication: Guarding against and publishing probable security threats (e.g. vulnerability analysis).
2. Technical service: Providing technical service to government agencies.
3. Assistance in the setup of CERT: Assisting interested agencies to set up their own CERT.
4. Consultation: Making suggestions regarding operation and R&D of computer security and Internet issues.
5. Strategy recommendation: Making suggestion to government agencies regarding strategic planning.
6. Risk analysis: Undertaking risk assessment.
7. Collaboration: Building collaborative relationship with legal community, information security business and ISP.
8. Coordination: Building coordination and communication channels with domestic and foreign incident response organizations.

E. Technical Support

Contact TWNCERT:
E-mail: twncert@twncert.org.tw
Address: No.116, Fuyang St., Da-an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: +886-2-27391000

Report an Incident: